Nov 20

John Baldessari Pure Beauty at LACMA -John Baldessari prints available

No artist has bridged the gap between photography and painting quite like John Baldessari. For over 40 years, he’s given the world art that truly blurs the line between the two, normally thought of as separate arts. And for the most part, John Baldessari prints and his works have been well received by many critics and fans of all ages.

Now in 2010, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art-or LACMA-Baldessari is front and center to the Los Angeles crowd with his new show, “John Baldessari: Pure Beauty.” The show acts as a complete retrospective of his work, and gives an all encompassing view on the progression and growth of his art.

The whole retrospective begins with some of his earliest paintings, as Baldessari originally began his works as a painter. By viewing some of his paintings, dated around 1962-you really get to a great view on the marvelous beginnings of this prolific artist. Some of his earliest pieces are no doubt the roots of Conceptual Art. For example his work, “Tips for Artists Who Want To Sell” is one of his most famous pieces, and gives a humorous take on the role of the artist-and what an artist must to do captivate. The last line says “Subject Matter is important: It has been said that paintings with cows and hens in them collect dust-while the same paintings with bulls and roosters sell.” Quite clever for the work of a younger Baldessari.

His later works-available in the form of John Baldessari Prints-deal with the merging of photography and painting. Formally-this is definitely some of the earliest appropriation art, as the compositions are done over culturally significant film stills. For example his work, “Foot and Stocking” gives the prolific vision, and original use of color. The John Baldessari prints of said works, are quite hard to find-and collectors scramble to collect this culturally mind-bending work. One of his most prolific works is no doubt, “God Nose” which depicts a decapitated nose, in the middle of a sky with clouds. The bold statement is clear-as is the pure magnificence of John Baldessari prints and his work. Actually, “God Nose” is one of the most sought after Baldessari works, as it really marks the end of his career as a conceptual artist-and marks the start of his more culturally relevant work, in his newer appropriation style.

Baldessari’s ability to close the gap between the camera and the brush is a skill that will not be soon forgotten. His work in this light is sometimes happy, and other times can emit emotions of surprise-but the inventiveness of his artwork is unquestionable. Through the 140 plus works on display at the LACMA, the musings and concepts of Baldessari are made quite evident.

And why exactly is this combination of painting and photography visible in John Baldessari prints such as “Person with Guitar”-so important? Today is the media age, and any citizen who lives in the year 2010 is bombarded with images at all times-so to a great degree we’re largely desensitized to the power of great imagery. And photographs have also lead the decreased significant in paintings. Yet Baldessari has a solution-he gives us photographs of cultural importance, things we should FEEL and SEE-yet paints atop them in the most original ways possible to give us the most fresh view possible. He reintroduces the power into powerful imagery.

In all the show was beautiful-and perfectly themed for the year 2010, in a time when people often take artistic media for granted. Going through a complete retrospective of the work of John Baldessari is an experience that I could recommend to anyone. It’s heavily evident from his magnificent and prolific works that John Baldessari prints and original works will definitely be assets in the future. After all-this man created conceptual art, and really truly does blur the line between photography and painting.

So if you’re looking for John Baldessari prints that were featured in the LACMA show “John Baldessari: Pure Beauty” be sure to visit Gemini G.E.L. for a large variety of art prints from Baldessari and other well renowned artists.

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Nov 18

Enhancing Beauty Tips For Teen Girls

Every teenage girl wants to look her best, and being attractive brings more joy into their lives. In most cases clothes and make up are the two main issues in the lives of most teen females and Chennai Fashion can satisfy your desire. Being a teenager means being self-conscious and beautiful much all the time. And, if you’re a teenage girl, especially one whose skin, complexion or overall appearance is not perfect or enhancing, it makes the whole experience even worse. There are many professional beauty tips you can use, to make sure you look your best, and improve the beauty regime you follow.

Natural makeup

Many teenage girls do a common mistake of doing over makeup. In teenage, wearing lip gloss and a little bit of mascara is quite enough. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect for occasions, then you can try out smokey eye look. If you suffer from acne, using a concealer or a little bit of foundation is preferred, but go with liquid formulas, with tones that blend well with your natural skin color, or, otherwise, you may end up looking like a clown.

Best hairstyles for teenage girls

Dying of hair will be too early in teenage, so you can try some coloring shampoos instead, in order to avoid the chemical mayhem that the specific products may cause in your hair. Also when choosing a hairstyle, you should not choose an over-mature style. Layered hairstyles are recommended, as well as the bangs in your face look. You can also get more styles and fashions from teenage celebrities. And Women beauty parlour Chennai also provides you different hairstyles.

Skin care for teenage girls

One of the most significant features of taking care of your skin involves knowing exactly what skin type you have. The five basic skin types are sensitive, normal, oily, combination and dry. When you’re trying to identify your skin type, do a simple test in the morning with a tissue after waking up. This is the easiest way to tell which of the five basic skin types you have. To carry out the test, just unfold the tissue, and lay it so that the tissue covers your face. Then press it onto your skin, and remove the tissue to see what it reveals. As each skin type requires different care.

Clean cut clothes are the best style

Clean cut clothes are the best look for young girls; they play an important role in the appearance. The most important thing that you need to take into consideration is that your style is not sloppy or too glam for your age. In todays world there are many Women fashion website that tells about womens clothes and dressing.

Beauty lies in good habits for teen girls. Keep your skin, teeth, hair and nails clean, and do natural makeup; dont overdo with clothing and never forget that you are still young, and this is the greatest asset you have!

Nov 18

Doomdooma.. Land Of Tea And Beauty…

Assam, with its beautiful smiling Tea Gardens, along the Brahmaputra and Barak valleys to produce 400 million kilograms of tea annually. Tea is known as a natural “miracle cure”. Assam is the birthplace of Indian tea with the highest quality tea to customers around the world with a rich aroma and flavor that will restore your senses bring the best selection of famous tea gardens of Assam for the rich. Assam, with the green and Oxbow lakes provide the region with hydro-person environment. We geomorphology and aesthetic offers a wide range of tea cultivation, improving the quality and taste. Assam tea is known for its freshness, taste malt and strong color with perfect balance. Created by his hand, leaving doomdooma teas are full-body and have subtle but complex characters. Teas are artfully blended to match your lifestyle and soothe your soul. Once a small, twisted and torn leaves of Organic Assam Breakfast with their empire, the result is an excellent breakfast tea. Liqueur is a clear mahogany, which provides a wonderful sweet and spicy. Taste is the perfect balance of freshness, strength, body and strength, which Organic Assam an ideal breakfast every morning. Each race is a great extension and relaxation, is considered a kind of art. As Assam teas have a strong taste and a bold drink English as “Breakfast Tea” and usually drink with milk. Tea is an integral part of everyday social life in many of the world’s most populous country. Tea has the most popular drink for Swath people in the world.

Assam tea is not restricted to the Indian sub-continent, but is exported to all corners of the world as a breakfast tea. On both sides of the river, rolling plains is one of the world’s largest tea-growing areas with the highest yield per acre. Immaculately pruned tea bushes covering 2,16,200 hectares, growing more than 360 million kg. Tea is the common scientific name of the plant Camellia sinensis. Was grown in China and the Asian region for thousands of years, and today, tea is the second most popular beverage, served hot and cold. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world in terms of consumption. Its consumption is the same for all other beverages produced in the world. India is the world’s largest tea-drinking nation, even
though per capita consumption of tea remains a modest 750 grams per person per year. Assam Tea offers a wide and exotic gourmet coffee flavors to fit any mood and occasion. We geomorphology and aesthetic offers
a wide range of tea cultivation, improving the quality and taste.

We are trying to spread the best quality tea to customers around the world as a result of a major demand of the product on the market. Our process of the qualitative level of tea from the tea gardens of Assam preserved. The topography of the state their juicer and take the leaves are thicker than the other guy. The right blend of pure gold leaf Assam tea shows a strong red and cream tea with the rich fragrance refreshes your senses. Our range is recognized worldwide for its rich flavor and aroma and is a good organic tea.
Specially packed our variety of Assam tea is available in industry leading prices Our premium tea blends are made of a safe herb to Organic Assam tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, Tulsi multi-herbs, aromatic
herbs tea, red tea, natural sweeteners, anti diabetics Tea Stress Tea, tea for coughs, leaves against fatigue, tea, tea for constipation, anti-gas-tea, tea, appetizer, Assam orthodox tea, Red tea, Assam tea and green Tea in the field of medical tests of taste and respect for the complex malt flavors. We offer tea, a tea to promote safe weight loss without the negative effects of a crash diet. It is prescribed for patients of all ages who are trying. Each race is a wonderful extension and relaxation, be regarded as the common and scientific names of the form of infusions. Today, tea is the most popular drink second of which was hot and cold. The four types of tea: black tea, a popular and well known, Oolong tea, green tea, white-hot. Organically produced in the famous region of Assam, Assam tea is the world’s leading
manufacturer of premium tea leaves and botanicals known that you have tasted a cup of tea like no other before you deliver. Teas are artfully blended to fit your lifestyle and dangle the soul. Each race is a great extension and relaxation, is regarded as an art form.

Once the small, twisted and torn leaves of Organic Assam Breakfast with their empire, the result is a brilliant breakfast cup of tea. The liquor is a light mahogany, which gives a wonderfully sweet and spicy flavor. The flavor is the perfect balance of playfulness, strength, body and strength, so that bio-Assam an ideal breakfast every morning was picked by hand, doomdooma tea leaves are full-bodied and has a subtle but complex characters. Created hand-picked, doomdooma tea leaves are full and have subtle but complex
characters. Assam teas to drink as a strong flavor and gutty, the English call it “Breakfast Tea” and drink usually with milk. Assam tea is not restricted to the Indian subcontinent, but in all parts of the world will be exported as a breakfast tea.

Nov 17

Simmons Beauty Rest Mattresses

Tires of those old squeaky spring mattresses, well Simmons Beauty rest mattresses are what you need. Simmons is one of the most reputed brands in mattresses and beddings industry. Simmons is back with its Beauty rest mattress series. If you are tired of your partners frequent movements at night then Beauty rest mattresses is the solution for you.

Simmons has been a household name in the industry for years and is always in the forefront of introducing latest technologies in mattress design. Beauty rest mattress series includes Beauty rest Classic, Beauty rest World Class, Beauty rest Exceptional, Beauty rest NxG and many more. All these models meet the comfort of the next generation. They are available in various sizes and you can select the one that fits your budget.

The Beauty rest mattress is unique from other mattresses available in the market. The Beauty rest is able to prevent disturbances created due to movements by its 800 pocket coil design. In addition to this extra springs have been provided around the edges of the mattress to make them last longer. This mattress is for those who need quality at a reasonable price. If you want something more then you have the Beauty rest world class with 980 pocket coil count that gives you a soft and cushiony feeling.

For those who need extreme comfort and fine support there is the Beauty rest Exceptional with two layer design. The lower layer is hard one and provides durability and firmness for the mattress. The upper layer is soft and cushiony and provides a spongy top. The NxG series is the most elite range of Beauty rest mattresses and has foam layers to provide you a cozy, sound sleep for years. With Simmons new range of Beauty rest mattress you are assured of good sleep and best value for your money.

There are plenty of mattresses available in the market and you need to choose the right one. With Beauty rest mattress you dont have to think again. Choosing the right mattress is very important. For a healthy body good sleep is very essential and for good sleep you need good mattresses. Mattress should be comfortable and the same time not so hard and soft. It should have the right blend of hardness and softness then only you can get a nice sleep. Simmons Beauty rest mattresses are manufactured after extensive research using quality materials to provide you with the right sleep. Mattresses are available in variety of sizes and price ranges.

Dont buy mattress because its price is low. Check the quality of mattresses before you purchase and decide your budget for the mattress. It is better to enquire about various mattresses available in the market so that you can get a clear idea about what to buy. If there are discounts or promotional offers you can get mattresses at reduced prices. You can go through reviews of various mattresses and is better to people opinions about the various brands. With Beauty rest mattresses you are assured of good sleep so that you wake up to joyful morning every day.

Check out – – for the various types of mattresses that can fit inside a motorhome.

Nov 15



Do you believe that beauty diminishes as you get older? Not any single woman would want that to happen.The advance technology has offered greater opportunities for a lot of women to keep their beauty the same as before even as they reach the golden age. Ageless beauty is an endless challenge for a lot of women.

Every woman who reaches 40 at an average may experience skin sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and change of body curves. A sad reality that every woman needs to face as they grow older but, that does not mean that you just need to accept it as it comes.As you read this article, you will learn a lot of beauty school tips not only for women in Valparaiso IN but for everyone across the globe.
Going back to basics As you reach the age barrier of 40, learn to go back to the basics when it comes to makeup. Wearing too much makeup like before is not advisable. Why? First because some makeup contain coloring agents that may get the skin appear drier and can aggrandize to aged skin. Second, hiding skin imperfections by applying too much makeup especially bright lip colors and shimmering eye makeup colors is not a suitable solution. Better retain the natural color of your skin through neutral colored makeup and apply it lightly on skin. Even beauty schools suggest the use of neutral color makeup to make you look simpler and younger.
Regular exercise Saggy skin usually appears first on the face, neck and shoulders.This can be prevented by doing your regular routines that focuses on these areas to keep them toned and lifted.
Hair color and hairstyle Hair dye is a necessity to hide hair discoloration as your age increases. Avoid loud colors like vibrant red, violet or sunny orange that can make you appear like a clown.Like choosing your makeup you should also use neutral hair colors and avoid color combinations and stick to natural hair colors like black or brown.
Hydrate your skin always Water supply is unlimited so do not hesitate drinking a lot of water and other fluids to prevent dry skin. Water has a lot of benefits and it is one of the free resources you can have if you want to achieve a healthier skin. As you age you should also limit your consumption of alcohol containing drinks and too much caffeine found on coffee drinks.
Apply sunscreen regularly Your skin is sensitive from sun rays.Too much exposure to sun may lead to skin damage and on worst cases, skin cancer. Whenever you go out during day time be sure you applied sunscreen lotion and you bring it along with you.If you do not like the sticky and uncomfortable feeling you get from a lotion, wearing clothes with cover and protection on the shoulders and neck or bringing an umbrella are simpler solutions to hide safe from the sun.
Exfoliate and moisturize As a beauty school expert, one of the strongest defenses against skin aging is exfoliation. Gentle skin exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells that makes the skin appear dull and dry. Home based formulas like honey and salt solutions can help you rub off dead skin cells easier and cheaper. Exfoliation should also be done not only on the skin but also on the dark prone areas like elbows and knees. Skin moisturizer is also important to retain the natural glow of the skin and to keep it looking younger and healthier.Apply moisturizer to your skin during bed time and day time to keep it moisture 24/7.

Do not fear on physical changes that you will experience as you grow older, though your body may weaken make sure that you can live with a healthier mind and spirit.