Acne Cure Diet Treatment

Have you ever thought possible that the reason you have acne is due to your eating habits? Well that’s true. If you have bad eating habits, your diet is most likely playing a negative role in your acne skin disorders. If your body lacks certain vital nutrients, you can generate acne and on the other hand, certain type of foods can just worsen your existing acne or create new ones.

Our bodies contain toxins and by our ways of eating, these can accumulate much more and when food and toxins are not effectively processed by our digestive system because it lacks certain important nutrients, some get released through the skin in the form of acne for instance.

So if you’re not paying proper attention to your nutrition, you better do so now. What you need is a balanced healthy diet containing all the vital nutrients your body needs. Opt for natural foods as far as possible including most of the following:

(1) Vegetables

Broccoli Cauliflower Lettuce Tomato Asparagus Green beans Cabbage Brussel sprouts Onions Garlic Eggplant

(2) Fruits

Papaya Banana Orange Peach Kiwi Guava Apple Pear Water melon

(3) Complex Carbohydrates

Oatmeal Potato Sweet Potato Yam/taro Wholewheat bread Wholewheat pasta Brown bread Brown rice

(4) Protein

Opt for lean meat.

Skinless chicken breast/turkey breast White fish Salmon Lean beef

Egg whites Red lentils

(5) Healthy Fats

Get your intake of healthy fats.

Olive oil Omega-3 fish oil(Mostly found in oily fish like salmon, sardine, trout, herring) Canola oil

The above list is in no way an exhaustive list but these foods can form part of your acne cure diet treatment and you will get positive results from your acne problems.

Also, be sure to drink lots of water and add exercises in your daily activities. And limit foods containing saturated fats mostly from animal fats, oily, fried and greasy foods, refined sugars, alcohol, coffee, processed foods eg canned foods. What we ingest in our bodies can have a positive or negative effect because our bodies assimilate it differently. If it’s good quality food, it will reward our body and if it isn’t, it will have a bad effect.