Surrogacy Processes as It is

Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy as the type of Infertility treatment is the proven way of getting a baby with the help of the latest technologies.

Surrogate process can be adopted according to the patient’s circumstances, requests and health state. The price is calculated accordingly.

ADONIS Fertility International provides a wide variety of Surrogacy options, so everyone can find the best variant. Professional approach to each case ensures the highest success even for severe infertility problems.

ADONIS Surrogacy options

Every patient and family are unique, that’s why the personal consultation with an ADONIS specialist is a must when you start a Surrogacy Infertility Program.

It helps to identify your further proceedings of treatment with the main aim – healthy baby with genetic relation to the Intended parents.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is allowed on the legal level only when there is genetic relation between the Intended parents (at least one of them) and the baby.

ADONIS Surrogacy options include the following:

  • Surrogacy and Egg Donation 

In case of severe fertility problems in women, ADONIS Fertility International provides our own Donor base with the highest quality genetic material. Surrogacy with Egg Donation includes the most technological procedure where the sperm of the partner (of the Intended father) fertilizes the Donor Egg to create the best quality embryo.

  • Surrogacy and Sperm Donation 

Male fertility problems are also common. That’s why the ADONIS Surrogacy and Sperm Donation Program is also available. With the help of the newest microscope with micromanipulator the Sperm Donor fertilizes a woman’s Egg (of the Intended mother) to reach the long awaited pregnancy in Surrogate.

  • Surrogacy with “fresh” embryo transfer

ADONIS ‘own embryo laboratory provides the service of embryo creation using the latest equipment. “Fresh” embryo transfer is usually carried out 3-5 days after the retrieval.

  • Surrogacy with “thawed” embryo transfer

Option with previously created “thawed” embryos transfer requires defrosting and initial preparation for the transfer. ADONIS’ own cryobank is the place where the quality of your embryos is ensured for the specified period of preservation. It helps to carry out the processes using the genetic material of the best characteristics.

Surrogate cost

When experiencing Surrogacy Infertility treatment, one of the main things is the Surrogacy agreement. ADONIS ‘own Legal Department helps every patient with the documentation (birth certificates, agreements, etc.) and it’s legalization.

Surrogacy agreement is formed between the Intended parents and the Surrogate to establish rights, obligations, Surrogate price (amount of the financial compensation) and other essential aspects.

It helps to regulate the relations between both sides and to have an understandable course of actions.

ADONIS Fertility International is a worldwide known medical establishment with more than 23 years in the field. Our experience ensures the highest confidence and safety for the patients. We are result oriented and responsible for the Infertility processes for your well-being.

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